Large Super Soft Plush Dazzle the Unicorn Stuffed Animal

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We found this unicorn in a nearby forest looking for a child to befriend. That's why it's embroidered with hearts and wears a pink collar. It promises to always stay just as it accessible to any child who wants to cuddle against its super-soft plush "fur" And fluffy pink mane and tailgate read a book, take a nap, share a hug, or dream up an adventure. Suitable for all ages. Size: approx. 20 x 40L; for its enchantment is lasting.Attention: this is an exclusive HearthSong product that is only available from us. Please be sure to choose HearthSong as the seller to guarantee you are receiving a product that has been both properly constructed and thoroughly tested to meet all U.S. Child safety regulations. No other sellers are authorized to offer this unique product on Amazon, and hearth-song warranties will be invalid for purchases through unauthorized sellers.

All Ages

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